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Write the correct answer in the box mentioned below:

1 Which part is used to achieve different spindle speeds in sensitive bench drilling machine?

A Flat pulley

B Drum pulley

C Driving motor



2 Which device is used for holding the straight shank drills?

A Arbor

B Spindle

C Work table


3 How many different sizes of Morse tapers provided in drills?

A MT 1 to MT4

B MT 1 to MT5

C MT 1 to MT3

D MT 1 to MT10


4 Which device is used to hold bigger size drills than machine spindle diameter?

 A Arbor

B Sleeve

C Sockets

D Drill chuck


5 Which device is used to remove taper shank drills and sockets from the machine spindle?

A Drift

B Arbor

C Sleeve

D Drill chuck key


6 Which part of the drilling machine is provided with T slots for fitting bolt heads?

A Base

B Feed handle

C Spindle

D Drilling machine table

7 What is the name of the part marked 'x'?

 A Spindle

B Drill chuck

C Work table

D Chuck key


8 What is the name of drilling machine shown in figure?

A Pillar drilling machine

B Radial drilling machine

C Column drilling machine

D Sensitive bench drilling machine


9 What is the name of the clamp shown in figure?

A Bent

B Finger

C Straight

D Goose neck