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Kindly answer the questions in the box mentioned below:

1. In which method does the hair is divided into eight parts?
a. Double halo wrap
b. Stying perming
c. Root perm
d. Partialperm

2. What is the act of permitting the hair to the customer‟s will is called?
a. Stying perming
b. Root perm
c. Partialperm
d. Perm for long hair

3. In which technique the long hair is dropped from the top parts of the head and tied only under the head by a concave rod?
a. Stying perming
b. Root perm
c. Partialperm
d. End perm

4. Single flat Wrape is mainly effective for which types of the rods?
a. Straight rods
b. Cusion Wrape
c. Book end Wrape
d. Double flat Wrape

5. Why is it important to check the scalp condition post hair coloring?
a. To be safe
b. To work on after effects
c. Just a ritual
d. For future 

6. Which lotion penetrates difficulty on the hair?
a. Permitted lotion
b. Chemical lotion
c.  Scalp lotion
d. Serum Lotion

7.  By which method can we test the skin of the scalp?
a.  Texture
b.  Wrape
c.  Double flat
d.  End perm

8.  Which perm style does not affect the hair of the entire head?
a.  Partialperm
b.  Root perm
c.  End perm
d.  Stack perm

9.  In which perm action the rod is wrapped upwards?
a.  Reverse stack
b.  Stack perm
c.  Partialperm
d.  Root perm

10.  In which wrapped type the one end of the paper is wrapped around the hair strand and the other underit?
a. Cusion Wrape
b. Book end Wrape
c. Double flat Wrape
d. Trifold Wrape