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Kindly mention the answer in the box mentioned below:

1. What is the correct way of holding hammer for obtaining

maximum leverage?

A At the end of the handle

B At the middle of the handle

C Close to the hammer head

D Between middle and end of handle

2. What is the purpose of holding hammer handle at the


A Have proper grip

B Avoid injury to hand

C Have maximum leverage

D Avoid damage to work piece

3. What is the name of marked ‘X’ portion of hammer

shown in figure?

A Sledge hammer

B Ball pein hammer

C Cross pein hammer

D Straight pein hammer

4 What is the name of the hammer shown in figure?

A Lead

B Brass

C Mallet

D Plastic

5 What is the other name of the mallet?

A Soft hammer

B Hard hammer

C Ball peen hammer

D Cross peen hammer

6 Name the mallet used for shaping the hemispherical

bow shown in figure?

A Bossing mallet

B End faked mallet

C Hard rubber mallet

D Standard wooden mallet

7 Which type of screw driver used in blind space?

A Offset

B Phillips

C Electrician

D Stumpy

8 What is the name of a workshop tool shown in figure?

A Puller

B Clamp

C Fixture

D Valve spring compressor

9 Which hammer is used for riveting purpose?

A Lead hammer

B Brass hammer

C Plastic hammer

D Ball pein hammer

10 Which tool provides multi contact on bolts and nuts for


A Hook spanner

B ‘C’ spanner

C Open end spanner

D Ring / box spanner