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Kindly mention the answer in the box mentioned below:

1 Which tool used to scribe “straight line”?

A Chisel

B Punch

C Scriber

D Try square

2 Which tool used to draw straight line?

A Caliper

B Divider

C Steel rule

D Bevel protractor

3 Which tool used to measure reading from the steel


A Punch

B Caliper

C Scriber

D Divider

3 Which material used for made of surface plate?

A Silver

B Copper

C Cast iron

D Aluminium

4 What is called the centre to centre distance between

the front and rear wheel?

A Wheel dia

B Wheel base

C Wheel angle

D Wheel track

5. What is the maximum range of engineer’s steel rule?

A 150 mm

B 300 mm

C 600 mm

D 900 mm

6. Which type of power tool used to loosen the wheel lug


A Air chisel

B Pipe wrench

C Impact wrench

D Torque wrench

7 Which type of tool used to make an accurate witness


A Pin punch

B Solid punch

C Prick punch

D Hollow punch

8 Which type of punch used to make a holes on the

sheet metal?

A Pin punch

B Solid punch

C Prick punch

D Hollow punch

9 Which tool is used for striking purposes?

A Chisel

B Punch

C Wrench

D Hammer

10 Which type of chisel used to remove materials from

internal corners for squaring?

A Flat chisel

B Web chisel

C Cross cut chisel

D Diamond point chisel