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Kindly mention the answer in the box mentioned below:

1 Which is the cause for lifting equipment failure?

A Oil change

B Under load

C Oil seal leak

D Check oil level

2 Which equipment is used in vehicle service station to

lift the vehicle for water wash?

A Hoist

B Crane

C Stand

D Screw jack

3 Which equipment is to be support under lifting vehicle

before working under the vehicle for safe work?

A Stand

B Slings chain

C Lifting crane

D Hydraulic jack

4 Which type of oil used in the lifts and cranes?

A Gingelly oil

B Coconut oil

C Hydraulic oil

D Ground nut oil

5 Which is the periodical for overhauling the lifting


A Once in a week

B Once in a month

C Once in a fortnight

D Once in six month or year

6 Which oil is harmful to the environment?

A Engine oil

B Hydraulic oil

C Seeds/nuts oil

D Used engine oil

7 Which type of oil is ignited by spark?

A Diesel oil

B Petrol oil

C Engine oil

D Hydraulic oil

8 Which is the petroleum based fluid?

A Diesel

B Caster oil

C Gingelly oil

D Coconut oil

9 What is the flash point of grease?

A 100°F

B 200°F

C 300°F

D 400°F

10 Where can be stored the used engine oil?

A Away from the jack

B Away from tool box

C Away from rest room

D Away from the gas cylinder