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Kindly mention the answer in the box mentioned below


      Who is the head of Industrial Training Institute? 
A     Principal

B      Vice principle

C      Placement officer

D     Office superintendent

2      Who drafts the syllabus for ITI’s in India? 

A      N.C.V.T

B      S.C.V.T

C      Board of technical education

D     Central Industrial Training Institute

3  What is the expansion of I.T.I? 

A  Indian Testing Industry

B   Indian Telephone Industry C Industrial Training Institute

C   Industrial Technical Institute

4    Who is direct contact in training of the trainee in ITI’s?
A     Principal

B      Medical officer

C      Instructor workshop D Store superintendent

5     The Industrial Training Institutes all over India following the same syllabus given by the...

A    State Council for Vocational Training (SCVT)

B    National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) C National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT)

C   National Council of Quality Frame Work (NCQFW)

6. What is the name of drilling machine shown in figure?

A Hand drilling machine B Bench drilling machine

B  Portable drilling machine

C  Pneumatic drilling machine


Which type of work shop equipment used to delivering the air pressure to hydraulic hoist?

A  Jib crane

B  Compressor

C   Vacuum pump D Hydraulic pump

8 What is the risk symbol shown in figure? 
A Fire risk

B Wind risk C Water risk

C Electric risk

9 What is the risk symbol shown in figure?

A  Risk of fire
B Risk of wind
C Risk of slippage 
D Risk of hazard

10  Which type of personal protective equipment used to protect eye?

A   Cap 
B Mask
C  Gloves 
D Goggles