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Kindly answer the question in the box mentioned below:

1 What is used to make the solder to flow easily?

A Flux

B Mica

C Copper

D Aluminium


2 What is the name of part marked as ‘X’ in shown figure?

A Edge

B Head

C Shank

D Wooden handle


3 Copper is used for soldering iron because...

A its melting point high

B it can prevent corrosion

C it is high resistant to wear

D It is a good conductor of heat


4 What is the melting point of soft solder?

A Above 600°C

B Above 800°C

C Below 100°C

D Below 450°C



5 What is the melting point of hard solder?

A Above 200°C

B Above 450°C

C Below 300°C

D Below 450°C

6 The process by which metallic materials are joined together with the help of another liquefied metal having

a lower melting point is called...

A locking

B rivetting

C seaming

D soldering


7 What is the function of flux?

A Joints two metals

B Adhesion material

C Cleans metal surface

D Removes oxide from soldering surface


8 What is the melting temperature of brazing filler rods?

A 300°C to 400°C

B 450°C to 600°C

C 700°C to 840°C

D 860°C to 950°C


9 What is the purpose of soldering iron?

A Brazing and heating metal

B Welding and heating metal

C Grinding and heating metal

D Soldering and heating metal


10 What is the practical process shown in figure?

A Brazing

B Soldering

C Arc welding

D Gas Welding