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Kindly answer the question in the box mentioned below:

1. Bookmarks is included in the _____

A Illustration Group

B Links Group

C Themes Group

D Page Back Ground Group


2. To include a large capital letter in the beginning of paragraph we can use

A Word Art

B Drop Cap

C Insert Cap

D Header


3. For suggesting other word with a similar meaning that you have to select

A Spell Check

B Thesaurus

C Research

D Translate


4. Orientation command is included in the ___

A Page Setup group

B Page Preview group

C Portrait group

D Paragraph Group


5. The extension of MS Word 2010 document?

A .doc

B . docx

C .pdf

D .dot


6. Which command is used to store the duplicate of the active document permanently ?

A Save

B Send

C Save As

D Rename

7. What is the size of A4 paper ?

A 8.5" x 11"

B 8.27" x 11.69"

C 10.23" x 14.11"

D 8.5" x 14"


8. What menu is used to customize the Ribbon ?

A File -> Options -> Customize Ribbon

B File -> Save As - > Customize Ribbon

C File -> Quick Access Tool Bar

D File -> Minimize Ribbon


9. To insert built-in tables select

A Insert Tables

B Draw Tables

C Quick Tables

D Table format


10. Super Script and Sub Script available in which group ?

A Paragraph Group

B Font Group

C Clipboard group

D Styles Group