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1.Which types of henna designs are popularly used in India?

a. Paisley

b. Floral

c. Geometrical

d. Religious Symbols


2. On which body parts Mehndi designs are not made?

a. Hand and legs

b. Hair

c. Head

d. Chest


3. In which countries Heena Designing is done?

a. . India ,Pakistan, Rome

b. India, Pakistan, Poland

c. India, Pakistan, Morocco

d. India, Pakistan, America


4. Which product is mixed with Heena powder for designing?

a. Water

b. Oil

c. Color

d. Milk


5. What type of color is obtained from Heena plant?

a. Dark Red

b. Weak Red

c. Light Red

d. Light Yellow


6. What is the first step in tattoo designing?

a. Remove hair from skin

b. To disinfect the tools

c. To shave the area

d. To arrange material


7. For tattoo designing which  protective clothing’s used ?

a. Helmet

b. Goggles

c. Gloves

d. Over all


8. What are the benefits of mehndi?

a. Nourishes hair

b. Does not have chemical process

c. Gives red color

d. Above all


9. For how many weeks henna effect design lasts?

a. 1 Week

b. 2 Week

c. 3 Week

d. 4 Week