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Kindly write the answer correctly in the box mentioned below:

1.     Which gauge used to check the stud threads?

A Slip gauge

B Plug gauge

C Feeler gauge

D Screw pitch gauge


2.     Which type of rivet is shaped similar head in both side?

A Snap head

B Plate head

C Mushroom head

D High button head


3.     Which type of tool used to support the head of the rivet?

A Drift

B Dolly

C Punch

D Hammer


4.     What is called the operation of closing down the edges of the plates and head of the rivets?

A Cutting

B Caulking

C Fullering

D Grinding


5.     Which type of nut used for locking and soldering of joining points?

A Wing nut

B Thumb nut

C Speed nut

D Chuck nut


6.     A split pin to prevent the movement of nut?

A Wing nut

B Thumb nut

C Slotted nut

D Square nut



7.     Which type of locking device used for locking square nut?

A Wire

B Circlip

C Split pin

D Tab washer


8.     Which type of locking device transmitting torque from a rotating shaft to a hub wheel?

A Key

B Wire

C Split pin

D Tap washer


9.     Which key is particularly useful on tapered fitting of shafts?

A Feather key

B Wood ruff key

C Flat saddle key

D Hallow saddle key


10.  Why washers are used under the nuts in bolted joints?

A Increase the frictional grip

B Decrease the frictional grip

C Increase the damage to workpiece

D Restrict the force over a larger area