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Kindly answer the questions correctly in the blank mentioned below:

1.   Which tool used to measure the piston ring end gap?

A Steel rule

B Micrometer

C Feeler gauge

D Vernier scale


2.   How many leaves containing the ignition feeler gauge?

A 10 leaves

B 12 leaves

C 15 leaves

D 25 leaves


3.   How many leaves containing the standard feeler gauge?

A 10

B 12

C 15

D 25


4.   What is minimum range of Indian Standard feeler gauge?

A 0.01

B 0.02

C 0.03

D 0.04


5.   How many sets of Indian Standard feeler gauge established

A 2

B 4

C 6

D 8


6.   What is the use of feeler gauge?

A To check the ovality

B To check the clearance

C To check the thickness

D To check the tapperness