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1. What is the colour of copper? 

     A White 

     B Black 

     C Green 

     D Distinctive red 

2 Which metal is the good conductor of electricity? 

     A Wood 

     B Plastic 

     C Copper 

     D Mild steel 

3 Which metals is not attracted by a magnet? 

     A Mild steel 

     B Medium carbon steel 

     C Ferrous metal 

     D Non ferrous metal 

4 Which metal has the lowest melting point of temperature? 

     A Tin 

     B Copper 

     C Mild steel

     D Tungsten  

5 Which mechanical property is the ability of metal to draw into wires? 

     A Ductility 

     B Malleability 

     C Toughness 

     D Brittleness 

6 Which metal is a ductile metal? 

     A Copper 

     B Mild steel 

     C Stainless steel 

     D High carbon steel 

7 Which metal is a malleable metal? 

     A Lead 

     B Copper 

     C Mild steel 

     D Aluminium 

8 What is the property of a metal which permits breaking? 

     A Tenacity 

     B Hardness 

     C Brittleness 

     D Toughness 

9 Which metal has the brittleness property? 

     A Cast iron 

     B Mild steel 

     C Aluminium 

     D Wrought iron 

10 What is the property of metal to withstand shock or impact? 

     A Ductility 

     B Toughness 

     C Hardness 

     D Brittleness