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Assignment/ असाइनमेंट

1. How many centimetres are in 10 mm? 

     A 1 centimetre 

     B 2 centimetre 

     C 3 centimetre 

     D 4 centimetre

2. What is the use of Narrow steel rule? 

     A Measure the height of job 

     B Measure the outside diameter 

     C Measure the thickness of job 

     D Measure the depth of key ways

3. How many minutes are in 1 degree? 

     A 60 minutes 

     B 120 minutes 

     C 180 minutes 

     D 240 minutes

4. How many inches are in 1 foot? 

     A 12 inch 

     B 18 inch 

     C 24 inch 

     D 36 inch

5. What is the name of the tool shown in figure?

A1 M2

     A Divider 

     B Inside calliper 

     C Scriber 

     D Jenny Caliper

6. Which punch mark is used make to seat the divider point?

     A Pin punch mark 

     B Dot punch mark of 60° 

     C Prick punch mark of 30° 

     D Centre punch mark of 90°

7. Which part of the hammer has slight convexity to avoid digging of the edge? 

     A Pein 

     B Face 

     C Cheek 

     D Eyehole

8. What is the name of 'v' block?

A2 M2

     A matched pair 'v' block 

     B Single level single groove 'v' block 

     C Single level double groove 'v' block 

     D Double level single groove 'v' block

9. Which part of the hammer is used for forming the rivet head while riveting? 

     A Face 

     B Pein 

     C Cheek 

     D Eyehole

10. How the size of the divider is specified? 

     A Distance from the point to the leg 

     B Distance between two legs when fully opened 

     C Distance from the point to the bottom of the fulcrum 

     D Distance from the point to the centre of the fulcrum roller (pivot)