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Kindly answer the questions correctly in the box mentioned below


1.       What do you understand by the term Suksham Vayayam.

·         Pranayam

·         Yoga

·         Micro-excersice

·         Sthool vayayam 


2.       Sweet voice can be obtained by

·         Uccharan Sthal tatha Visudh Chakra Sudhi

·         Netra ShaktiVikasak

·         Janu Shakti Vikasak


3.       Chest Related Problems Can Be Cured By

·           Pada Mula Shakti Vikasak

·         Aungali Shakti Vikasak

·         Vaksh  Sthal Shakti Vikasak


4.        One can have perfect shape on waist line by

·         Anguli  Shakti Vikasak

·         Medha Shakti Vikasak

·         Kati Shakti Vikasak

5.       Stomach related diseases and disorders can be cured by

·         Udara Shakti Vikasak

·         Muladhara Chakra Shuddhi

·         Mani Bandha Shakti Vikasak

6.       Legs and feet can be strengthened by

·         Gulpha Pada Prstha Pada Tala Shakti Vikasak

·         Padanguli Shakti Vikasak

·         Janu Shakti Vikasak


7.       Kapola Shakti Vikasak is to rejuvenate the

·         Cheeks

·         Fingers

·         Teeth

8.       Kati Shakti Vikasak is for developing the strength of

·         Legs

·         Arms

·         Waist

9.       Karan Shakti Vikasak Kriya is for

·         Strengthening The Neck

·         Improving the Eye sight

·         Improving The Power of Hearing

10.   UccaranaSthal Tatha Visuddha Cakra Suddhi

·         Clears The Pharynx

·         Concentration

·         Improves The Eye Sight