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Choose the correct answer and write the same in the box mentioned below


1.     How much RAM required by windows to run and allow MS-DOS programs to be controlled

A 1 KB

B 1 MB


D 1 TB


2.     “Plug and play” concept introduced in

A Windows 95

B Windows 98

C Windows ME

D Windows XP


3.     Which of the following became the first one to support to hibernation?

A Windows 3

B Windows 98

C Windows ME

D Windows 2000


4.     “All application” option in start menu will list all the application by

A Alphabetically

B Date wise

C Size wise

D Type wise


5.     New features of windows 10 is

A USB support

B Hibernation

C Plug and play

D Virtual desktops


6.     Multiple desktop screens are allowed in

A Laptop

B Personalize screen

C Start menu

D Virtual desktops

Virtual desktop allows to have multiple

A Desktop

B Files

C Folders

D Menus


8.     In windows 10 search pane on the task bar is known as…

A Cortana

B Action centre

C Edge browser

D Virtual desktop