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1. What is the working principle of outside micrometer? 

     A Screw and nut 

     B Scroll and lever 

     C Rack and pinion 

     D Sliding mechanism

2. What is the pitch of the spindle thread in metric outside micrometer? 

     A 0.1 mm 

     B 0.5 mm 

     C 0.01 mm 

     D 0.02 mm 

3. What is the name of the part marked ‘x’?

A1 M8

     A Cap 

     B Lock 

     C Stock 

     D Thimble

4. What is the accuracy of outside micrometer in metric? 

     A 0.04 mm 

     B 0.03 mm 

     C 0.02 mm 

     D 0.01 mm 

5. What is the reading shown in this outside micrometer range 0 to 25 mm?

A2 M8

6. What is the value of one main division in outside micrometer? 

     A 1 mm 

     B 2 mm 

     C 3 mm 

     D 4 mm 

7. What is the use of depth micrometer? 

     A To measure the length of job 

     B To measure the depth of holes 

     C To measure the thickness of job 

     D To measure the outside diameter of job

8. What is the value of one sub-division in outside micrometer? 

     A 1.0 mm 

     B 1.5 mm  

     C 0.5 mm 

     D 2.0 mm

9. Where is main divisions are marked in the depth micrometer? 

     A Stock 

     B Extension rod 

     C Thimble 

     D Barrel or sleeve

10. What is the type of thread in depth micrometer spindle? 

     A 'V' thread 

     B Square thread 

     C ACME thread 

     D Buttress thread