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Choose the correct answer and enter in the box mentioned below

1. How would you rescue the electric shocked victim if you are not able to switch off the power supply immediately?

A. Push him immediately

B. Call somebody to 'Switch off' the main

C. Report this accident to your immediate authority

D. Insulate yourself and pull away the person from the electrical contact


2. What immediate action to be taken when a person get electrical shock?

A. Report to your authority

B. Switch off the power supply

C. Call the doctor for Medical treatment

D. Call other persons for help to rescue the victim


3. What immediate action to be taken, if the victim is unconscious due to electric shock?

A. Report to higher officials

B. Call doctor for medical treatment

C. Call other persons to take away from the place

D. Loosen the clothing at the neck, chest and waist


4. What treatment is given to the victim in case of burns due to electrical shock?

A. Give treatment on your own

B. Call doctor for medical treatment

C. Clean the wound using clear water

D. Call other person to shift the victim to other place


5. What treatment is given to the victim of severe bleeding due to accident?

A Send him to hospital

B Wash the bleeding with water

C Apply pressure to stop the bleeding

D Apply some ointment on the bleeding area


6. Who should know the area of the switch control to "Switch off" in emergency at workshop?

A. Workshop foreman

B. Workshop in charge

C. Electrical maintenance in charge

D. Every person working in the workshop


7. Which body injury requires artificial respiration?

A. Head

B. Leg

C. Hand

D. Chest/Abdomen


8. What is the knob's position of iron clad switch and MCB during switch off?

A. Upward

B. Centre

C. Horizontal

D. Down ward


9 What are the benefits of safe working habits?

A. Loss of profits

B. Personal injury

C. Loss of production

D. Save men, money and material

10. Who should attend the electrical work?

A. Unskilled

B. Semi skilled

C. Unqualified person

D. Only qualified person