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Please answer the questions correctly in the box mentioned below:

1.     To minimize energy cost without affecting production, comfort quality is called....

A.    energy utilization

B.    energy conservation

C.    energy manipulation

D.    energy modification


2.     Replacing traditional light bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) is called...

A.    upgrading

B.    modernization

C.    standardization

D.    energy conservation

3.     In an office, the electric lights, A/C are not switched off. How do you classify the energy conservation opportunity (ECO)?

A.    Minor (ECO)

B.    Major (ECO)

C.    Medium (ECO)

D.    Extra major (ECO)


4.     Energy conservation can be done by required additional investment and moderate implementation time. For example, replacement of existing household appliances as classified into...

A.    housekeeping and maintenance opportunity

B.    minor energy conservation opportunities (ECOs)

C.    major energy conservation opportunities (ECOs)

D.    medium energy conservation opportunities (ECOs)


5.     Which type of bulb save the current?

A.    40 W

B.    60 W

C.    80 W

D.    100 W

6.     Why LED bulbs are used in industries?

A.    For interior decoration

B.    Parallel energy conservation

C.    Reduce current consumption

D.    Increase energy conservation


7.     What type of energy reduce the consumption by replacing old bulbs with new LED bulbs?

A.    Modification energy

B.    Utilization of energy

C.    Conservation energy

D.    Standardization of energy


8.     Which one of the following is a major energy conservation opportunities?

A.    Replacing bulb

B.    Building patch work

C.    Replacing machineries

D.    Stopping water leakage point


9.     Which one of the following is a medium (ECO) Energy Conservation Opportunity?

A.    Laps in house keeping

B.    Renovation of old building

C.    Stopping of leakage point

D.    Replacing household appliance


10.     Which one of the following is a major ECOs?

A.  Replacing old bulbs

B.  Stopping leakage point

C.  Renovation of old building

D.  Replacing household appliance